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The Blackwood Brothers
The Blackwood Brothers
The Blackwood Brothers
Audiobook2 hours

The Blackwood Brothers

Written by Erin Broich

Narrated by Maggi Mayfield

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Outside a small Montana town, the five Blackwood brothers run their family’s large cattle ranch. They have a wild reputation, and no woman has managed to hold any one brothers’ attention for more than a few nights at a time. However, when they cross paths with a stubborn city girl, a beautiful runaway, a sizzling old flame, a tender-hearted teacher, and a bright-eyed college student, each brother will have his world flipped on its head. They’ll come to find that you don’t always have to go looking for love for it to wind up on your doorstep.
Release dateOct 17, 2020

Erin Broich

Erin Broich has always been an avid lover of romance. Whether it’s a bad boy with a heart of gold, enemies who become lovers, or monsters seeking their mates, swoon-worthy heroes and sassy heroines will always make her giddy. When she’s not reading or writing stories that would make her mother blush, she’s baking unnecessarily complicated desserts or binge-watching crime dramas. Erin lives in Iowa with her family and dreams of someday writing full-time when she isn’t drowning in student debt.

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