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A New Direction in Calves
A New Direction in Calves
A New Direction in Calves
Ebook43 pages16 minutes

A New Direction in Calves

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About this ebook

In this classic power-packed treatise re-issued from the 1970s, legendary bodybuilder Steve Davis, known for his statuesque symmetry and blazing definition, reveals his unique program for developing sensational calves!

No longer does this hard-to-develop muscle group have to languish anymore, when you get the secrets from this master bodybuilder and trainer.

Inside, you’ll find out:

--How to grow your calves, even if you haven’t been able to in the past
--Harness the power of the mind and mental attitude in your training
--Which calf exercises are the best, and how precisely to do them
--You’ll learn how to do “The Perfect Calfraise.”
--A unique approach to specialize and give priority to your calf work.
--Learn how to gain muscle and definition as never before in your calves!

The first of the New Breed physique, Steve Davis has won many of the biggest titles in competitive bodybuilding, including Mr. World. His physique at its peak was considered close to perfection, with super muscularity. Renowned as an innovative thinker and an inspirational trainer, let Steve guide you to massive, dazzling calves in this classic course!

PublisherSteve Davis
Release dateMar 12, 2016
A New Direction in Calves

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