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Gaining Muscle Size and Density
Gaining Muscle Size and Density
Gaining Muscle Size and Density
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Gaining Muscle Size and Density

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About this ebook

Muscle Size and Density Matter!

That’s why this classic, power-packed course from bodybuilding legend Steve Davis is so important. Steve Davis is known for his outstanding symmetry and sizzling definition, but he also packed on plenty of muscle size and developed rock-hard muscle density on the way to competing for some of the biggest bodybuilding titles in the world.
Steve was decades ahead of his time with his New Breed physique, and in this course shares his power-packed methods for how he gained the dense, hard muscle size that was the hallmark of his winning Mr. World, show-stopping condition.

Steve shows you how you can have muscle size and density, too.

It’s all here; Steve holds nothing back and shares the knowledge it took him years to obtain.

--Learn the importance of mental attitude for gaining size
--Steve teaches you the master exercises to achieve a dense, hard physique
--You’ll learn exactly how to work out and eat for muscle size and density
--he details the exact sets, reps and routines for bodybuilders from beginner to advanced
--The crucial element of nutrition is explored: how to eat for size, how to gain muscular bodyweight, and how to define that new size and density into an awesome peak!
--This information-packed treatise shows you how to train not just hard but smart, so that you can reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.
--This book is filled with tips and techniques from master trainer Steve Davis, who is regarded as one of the most intelligent bodybuilders and trainers ever in the sport.
--Yes, muscle size and density matter, but only if they’re developed along with shape and proportion to develop an outstanding physique.
--Let Steve guide you in this book to your greatest muscle size and density gains ever!

PublisherSteve Davis
Release dateApr 10, 2016
Gaining Muscle Size and Density

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