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Suite on the Boss
Suite on the Boss
Suite on the Boss
Audiobook8 hours

Suite on the Boss

Written by Olivia Hayle

Narrated by Meg Price and Neill Thorne

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Fake dating my billionaire boss to get revenge on my ex? Yes please. But falling for him? That’s something I vowed never to do again.

Isaac Winter is the fourth-generation owner of the legendary 5th Ave hotel that bears his last name. He’s at the top of New York high society… and I’ve just left it behind.

When he hires my company, I’m thrust into endless meetings with him, determined to impress the cold, untouchable leader of the Winters.

The last thing I expected was to start fake dating him.

He needs his match-making family to take a step back. And me? Revenge on my cheating ex-husband sounds great, and even better when it’s with a man whose name opens every door in the city.

The line between fake and real soon gets smudged by our late-night conversations. Isaac’s driven, passionate, intelligent… and far less controlled than he seems. Revenge feels deliciously suite.

But I’m done with rich New York men and their cheating ways. They think they can buy anything they want… but my heart’s not for sale.

PublisherOlivia Hayle
Release dateFeb 5, 2023
Suite on the Boss

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