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The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door
The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door
The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door
Audiobook4 hours

The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door

Written by Olivia Hayle

Narrated by Meg Price and Neill Thorne

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Adam Dunbar was once the boy who never gave me a second glance. Now he’s the hot billionaire next door who can’t look away.

I go home to Fairhill for the holidays to escape my cramped city apartment and failed career. My to-do’s are spending time with family, eat turkey, and watch bad Christmas movies.

Reigniting my crush on my brother’s former best friend was not on the list.

Adam is back in our small town after a decade away. He’s older, richer, and more of a Scrooge than ever. Christmas is commercialism, and he won’t have any of it. Me? I start listening to holiday music in October.

But our clashing opinions on the season can't stop the attraction growing between us. Could this grumpy billionaire actually be my perfect Christmas gift in disguise?

And if so... Do they accept returns?

Release dateNov 25, 2022
The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door

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