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Magic and Molemen: A Cozy Mystery Fantasy Series
Magic and Molemen: A Cozy Mystery Fantasy Series
Magic and Molemen: A Cozy Mystery Fantasy Series
Audiobook6 hours

Magic and Molemen: A Cozy Mystery Fantasy Series

Written by S. Usher Evans

Narrated by Deborah Balm

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Bev's on the hunt to understand her mysterious past, and that means a visit to her dear friend Merv. The six-foot moleman doesn't have the answers, but takes her to the secret, underground town of Lower Pigsend, thriving with all the magical creatures seeking refuge after the war. Upon returning to the Weary Dragon, Bev is confronted by sentries from the underground town. They accuse her of stealing a magical talisman that protects the town and - even worse - have threatened to arrest Merv for building a tunnel to the surface.

Bev's on the case - but it's a juggle to keep the Weary Dragon running and sift through the possible culprits in Lower Pigsend. But the more she uncovers about the idyllic paradise, the more she begins to wonder what the real secrets the town is hiding.

Magic and Molemen is the cozy follow-up to Beasts and Baking, and is the fifth installment in the Weary Dragon Inn Cozy Fantasy Mystery series.

Release dateMar 26, 2024
Magic and Molemen: A Cozy Mystery Fantasy Series

S. Usher Evans

S. Usher Evans is an author, blogger, and witty banter aficionado. Born in Pensacola, Florida, she left the sleepy town behind for the fast-paced world of Washington, D.C.. There, she somehow landed jobs with BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Television before finally settling into a “real job” as an IT consultant. After a quarter life crisis at age 27, she decided consulting was for the birds and rekindled a childhood passion for writing novels. She sold everything she owned and moved back to Pensacola, where she currently resides with her two dogs, Zoe and Mr. Biscuit.Evans is the author of the Razia series and Empath, both published by Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing.

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