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World Enough and Time
World Enough and Time
World Enough and Time
Audiobook9 hours

World Enough and Time

Written by Lauren Gallagher

Narrated by Heather Firth

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Just as dressage trainer Dani Blake decides the best kind of relationship is no relationship at all, along comes cunning linguist Connor Graham, and he's the perfect Mr. Right Now. He's newly single, not looking for any type of attachment, and smoking hot in bed.

Best of all, he's moving out of state in a few months, so there's no pressure for -- and no chance of -- a long-term relationship. Even if Dani hadn't already made the mistake of moving to another state for a man in the all too recent past, a mistake she's not keen on repeating, she's stuck in Seattle because she can't afford to move her beloved horses again.

So she and Connor will just take advantage of the time they have and enjoy it until it's over. It's just enough time to have some fun, and not nearly enough time to fall in love with him.


Editor's Note

Smokin’ hot…

LA Witt is known for her smokin’ hot m/m romances, and one of her alter egos, Lauren Gallagher, writes equally hot m/f romances. In this book, a “cunning linguist” (see what Gallagher did there?) starts a no strings relationship with a dressage trainer. They both think they’re just horsing around, but then feelings start to creep in, and they both have to examine what they truly want.

Release dateJun 22, 2021

Lauren Gallagher

Lauren Gallagher is an abnormal romance writer currently living in the wilds of Omaha, Nebraska. She and her husband, along with a coyote-iguana hybrid and two and a half cats, are thought to be in hiding from the Polynesian Mafia and a debt collector in search of a fine for an overdue book from the Library of Alexandria. Lauren continues to skillfully, if somewhat clumsily, elude them, but continues to have run-ins with her arch nemesis, M/M erotic romance author L. A. Witt. The implementation of Operation: I Don't Think So is expected to resolve that problem soon enough.

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