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The Spirit Suitor: A Spectral City Novella
The Spirit Suitor: A Spectral City Novella
The Spirit Suitor: A Spectral City Novella
Audiobook2 hours

The Spirit Suitor: A Spectral City Novella

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A ghost and an exorcist make an unlikely pair. But from the moment Maggie Hathorn tumbled into Reverend Coronado, it was love at first possession… 

In 1899 Manhattan, the impending turn of the century has put both the living and the dead on edge. As the spirit of a socialite who has haunted the city streets for longer than she walked them, Maggie now spends her afterlife helping to solve crimes for New York City’s Ghost Precinct. When Coronado gets roped into investigating a murder at a nearby church, Maggie jumps at the opportunity to flex her sleuthing skills and spend more time with the distressingly handsome reverend. But as familiar with death as Maggie is, she is not prepared for the gruesome sight of the crime scene. A beautiful bride lies in a pool of blood beside her beloved, in a scene that reminds Maggie of her own final moments. Maggie can’t even look at the bride’s ghost without being thrust into traumatic memories and losing her grip on the living world. The last thing Maggie wants is to lose this spectral second chance at life that she’s been given. But how can she help this dead bride without endangering her own spirit? Maggie will have to draw on her strongest bonds and connections to keep herself tethered while she confronts her own mortality. It’s a good thing Reverend Coronado is there by her side. No one else has ever made her feel so alive.

Spend more time with some familiar characters from Leanna Renee Hieber’s The Spectral City in this first book in fresh, new series.

Editor's Note

Elegant Gaslight Paranormal...

Hieber’s elevated, rich writing style is well-suited to “The Spirit Suitor,” part of her “Spectral City” series. A ghost and an exorcist team up to solve crimes in late 20th century London, and their partnership is touching and lovely. Hieber pays as much attention to the atmosphere as to the plot, so you feel as though you are surrounded by mist, and gaslight, and spectral beings.

Release dateAug 2, 2022

Leanna Renee Hieber

Raised in rural Ohio and obsessed with the Victorian Era, Leanna’s life goal is to be a ”gateway drug to 19th century literature.” An actress, playwright and award winning author, she lives in New York City and is a devotee of ghost stories and Goth clubs. Visit

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