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A Christmas Carroll: A Strangely Beautiful Series Novella
A Christmas Carroll: A Strangely Beautiful Series Novella
A Christmas Carroll: A Strangely Beautiful Series Novella
Audiobook3 hours

A Christmas Carroll: A Strangely Beautiful Series Novella

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

The year is 1888 and an ancient Prophecy has just been fulfilled, leaving Rebecca Thompson, Headmistress of the mysterious Athens Academy in London, utterly ‎heartbroken. Having long served as second in command of The Guard, keeping balance between the mortal and spirit world, she has lived a lonely life in love with the leader of the Guard. But now that he is married to another woman, Rebecca fears her bleak, isolated future. The Heart of The Guard, Vicar Michael Carroll has valiantly mitigated the emotional toils ghostly work takes on his fellows, working magic with his unique brand of empathy and contagious joy. But secretly he has always harbored a passionate love for the Headmistress, who has never noticed him as anything other than a friend. As he gathers his courage to tell her the truth, he finds the whole of the spirit world is there to help him. Three ghosts set the Headmistress and the Vicar on a dizzying course of change. Wrenching journeys through the past, present and future collide with unexpected dangers from the spirit world. True love, teamwork, scheming ghosts and guardian angels conspire to save the hearts, minds and souls of two deserving mortals at the mercy of immortal powers…just in time for the holidays.

Editor's Note

Strangely Beautiful Christmas...

Inspired by Dickens’s tale of the same name, “A Christmas Carroll” is set in Hieber’s “Strangely Beautiful” world, replete with ghosts and spirits and gaslit fantasy. Instead of a Scrooge, the two protagonists — a vicar and a headmistress — are shown the past, present and future if they choose one another. It’s a lovely holiday tale, richly layered with Hieber’s elegant prose.

Release dateOct 26, 2021

Leanna Renee Hieber

LEANNA RENEE HIEBER is the author of the Strangely Beautiful saga, The Eterna Files trilogy, and the Spectral City series. Rarely seen out of Victorian garb, Hieber has won four Prism Awards for her Gothic and gaslamp fantasy novels, and has lectured on Gothic fiction and paranormal themes for NYU and at conferences around the US. She is a licensed ghost tour guide in New York City and prides herself on her knowledge of the city's haunts.

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