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Czech Mate
Czech Mate
Czech Mate
Audiobook2 hours

Czech Mate

Written by Krystin Dyers

Narrated by Linda Jones

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Rachel is certain of two things. One: that her abusive ex-boyfriend, Alex, will hunt her down so he can get her back. And two: that she will never love again.

In an attempt to escape him for good, she flees and travels to the Czech Republic, taking with her only the clothes on her back and the diamond Alex stole in his latest heist. She prays this move will be enough to throw him off her scent, to get him to back away for good.
But it isn’t. As Rachel adjusts to life in Prague and gets a job teaching English, she starts realizing that she’ll never be free from him, not really. Her heart will never be able to heal and move on.
That is, until she meets Alexej. Despite sharing the same name, he is the polar opposite of Alex — sweet, caring, and respectful. As Alex closes in on her, Rachel does everything she can to protect her heart and uncover the strength and tenacity she finds she had within her all along.

Release dateJun 16, 2020

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