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Roping Cade: A Cowboy Romance
Roping Cade: A Cowboy Romance
Roping Cade: A Cowboy Romance
Audiobook5 hours

Roping Cade: A Cowboy Romance

Written by Shirley Penick

Narrated by Douglas G. Thornton

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A fake relationship is the plan.

Summer Attwood has been hiding in baggy clothes and ugly glasses for nearly ten years. When the town hottie asks her to be his faux girl-friend for a couple of weeks she decides it’s time to put away the disguise and shine.

Cade Kipling can’t believe the beautiful woman that emerges from the cocoon of overalls and over sized glasses. If he wasn’t dead set on taking a few months to get his head on straight, after his long time abusive girl-friend dumped him, he’d be after Summer in a heartbeat.

Two weeks of dating will either kill them or change their lives forever.

Release dateApr 25, 2021
Roping Cade: A Cowboy Romance

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