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The Rancher's Lady: A Cowboy Romance
The Rancher's Lady: A Cowboy Romance
The Rancher's Lady: A Cowboy Romance
Audiobook3 hours

The Rancher's Lady: A Cowboy Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A single dad, a matchmaking eight-year-old daughter, and a sexy new third grade teacher is an explosive combination in this holiday romance.

On the second anniversary of her mom’s death eight-year-old Alyssa ditches Scouts to take some time for herself to remember her mom. When her dad, Hank, finally finds her after a hectic search, she is convinced it’s time for him to remarry. And she thinks her new third grade teacher would be perfect.

Hank Jefferson is a busy rancher with three kids. Since the death of his wife two years ago, he works hard to be both mother and father. Making lunches, spending quality time with each child, and managing the house, while also running his cattle ranch. He doesn’t have time for a relationship.

Alyssa’s third grade teacher makes his blood heat, but he knows it would be wrong for him to date his daughter’s teacher.

Ellen Truehart has moved to this new town in a remote location on Lake Chelan to make a fresh start, she loves both the town and her class. Her past has taught her to be cautious around men and not to trust the system. When Alyssa starts acting out in class, Ellen has no choice, but to call in the smoking hot father.

Together they must discover what's wrong with Alyssa.

Join Hank and Ellen as they explore new territory.

Release dateNov 29, 2019
The Rancher's Lady: A Cowboy Romance

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