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The Things We Say Yes To (Part 5)
The Things We Say Yes To (Part 5)
The Things We Say Yes To (Part 5)
Audiobook24 minutes

The Things We Say Yes To (Part 5)

Written by Holly Glass

Narrated by Roxelana Waters

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Detective Rozek Smith might have a strange name, but she’s also the sharpest homicide expert in the Southeast. The pursuit of justice leads her to the tiny town of Carthage, Georgia, where a collection of squeaky-clean crime scenes and bizarre corpses have the local police at a loss. As the culprit breaks out of his routine and the body count jumps, Rozek has to chase her instincts and her desires in order to crack the case.
Rozek’s mystery killer strikes again, and this time, the threat is personal. Rozek has no choice but to play his deadly game in order to save the love of her life.

Release dateJan 31, 2020
The Things We Say Yes To (Part 5)

Holly Glass

Holly Glass uses romance to explore the complexities of gender identity, the joys of sexual fluidity, and the possibility of personal liberation in a highly gendered world. Her goal is to cultivate intimacy and health by telling stories that are authentic to life and love outside of the hetero-norm.

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