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God's Email Address: Jeff Davis, #1
God's Email Address: Jeff Davis, #1
God's Email Address: Jeff Davis, #1
Ebook369 pages5 hours

God's Email Address: Jeff Davis, #1

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Corporate email servers are being hacked. Private information is sold to the highest bidder.
And they're blaming the software company.
A shy computer programmer tries to stop the corporate espionage before the men with guns stop him, permanently.
This fast-paced thriller takes another turn when Jeff discovers God has an email address, and they start talking. God helps him with his past, his present, and then helps him catch the bad guys.
God's Email Address is a four-day action-packed adventure in software, guns, and God.
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Release dateNov 6, 2019
God's Email Address: Jeff Davis, #1

Tim Koop

Tim Koop is a husband and father of four. He lives in Canada, where he spends his time enjoying his family, his God, and writing. For a few hours a week he is also a computer programmer, using his brain to analyse and solve problems. The rest of the time he uses his brain to observe life and write about some of it.

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