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Poison Reign
Poison Reign
Poison Reign
Audiobook2 hours

Poison Reign

Written by R.A. Lee

Narrated by Olivia McAllister

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

The Heart of a Princess, The Soul of a Queen

A princess in peril. A queen on her trail. Princess Penrose has a simple wish for her 21st birthday gala - a huge party, a new dress, and many eligible bachelors admiring only the birthday girl. When the Princess finds herself being hunted down by the very men hired to protect her, Penrose's only hope lies in a former Special Forces guard living in the forbidden lands. The fragile, spoiled princess must choose between living the rest of her life as the maid to five brothers or risking everything she has ever known, even her life, in order to take back what is rightfully hers. In time, she realizes the crown cannot conquer the heart as she makes a new wish for her 21st birthday. (very light erotic content)

Release dateJan 10, 2023

R.A. Lee

I am a storyteller. What starts as a simple dream turns into a movie in my head and it is cathartic to put it in words. Writing is like therapy. Therapy doesn't come cheap, though, so please enjoy. I have to go, another movie is starting. YouTube channel​

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