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The Bloodline War
The Bloodline War
The Bloodline War
Audiobook9 hours

The Bloodline War

Written by Tracy Tappan

Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

“Jacken can hold his own against the best of the Black Dagger Brotherhood!”

~ Brenda, Goodreads reviewer


The night just keeps getting more bizarre…


The murder is oddly bloodless. Called in to consult on the crime scene, Dr. Toni Parthen has no time to puzzle out that peculiarity. A black-clad man who seems more brutal creature than human being stalks out of the night and kidnaps her.


Imprisoned in a mysterious underground town, Toni is thrust into a realm beyond her understanding. These strange townspeople want her to do the unthinkable - breed with one of the men. No, thank you.


She incites a mutiny among the other abductees. But it’s no easy task to outwit the tight-lipped head of security, especially since Big, Dark, and Murderous is as emotionally scarred as she is…and she’s falling for the pain in the butt.


The leader of an elite squad of vampire warriors, Jacken Brun has an unholy side that boils just below the surface. He’s barely able to keep his sacred vow and push away the smart, sexy doctor he’s so inexplicably drawn to. Something about her is eerily different…


When it turns out her bloodlines hold the key to unimaginable power, two factions of malicious demons go to war over her, and Jacken will have to dig deep into his heart to find more than his skills as a warrior to save her…


Content guidelines: contains profanity, violence, and adult situations.

**There may be small differences between the audiobook and the text version of the book due to new edits.

Release dateMar 12, 2023
The Bloodline War

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