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Claimed: Shifter World
Claimed: Shifter World
Claimed: Shifter World
Audiobook10 hours

Claimed: Shifter World

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

This audiobook is narrated by a digital voice.

I met my destined mate. He’s an Angel of Death, actually. He’s the guy who makes problems go away. And I’ve just caused him a lot of trouble.

A good deed dropped me in the lap of Death. That’s what the shifter assassins guarding me call Ilan Kane...Death.

Ilan calls me his fated mate.

In the six years I’ve known him, he barely spoke to me. Now that I have a target on my back, he’s decided to keep me. But his claim isn’t free or without punishment.

In exchange for saving me, Ilan wants my soul. Not my devotion or my heart. Ilan doesn’t believe in love. But I do. And if he plans on locking me to his side for eternity, we’re doing it on my terms.


This is a “full-grown-up” paranormal romance. No doors are closed in this book. Nothing is held back.

BUT if want to read a tamer version of this novel, a closed-door version (also called a clean or fade-to-black or kisses only romance) is available as Ilan by Dana Archer, the discreet pen name of Nancy Corrigan.

Release dateFeb 18, 2024
Claimed: Shifter World

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