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Leveled up Love!: A GameLit Romantic Comedy
Leveled up Love!: A GameLit Romantic Comedy
Leveled up Love!: A GameLit Romantic Comedy
Audiobook16 hours

Leveled up Love!: A GameLit Romantic Comedy

Written by Tao Wong and A. G. Marshall

Narrated by Natalie Naudus

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Dating Evolution is the next generation of relationship gaming with a real world twist! Did you ever wish your online skills translated into the real world? Now they can! Follow our quests to level up your love life and earn real life rewards!


Life was good for Zack Moore until his trustee managed to con him into signing up for DaEvo. Now, the buggy app has taken over his life, forcing him to leave his condo, interact with people in the real world and eat healthy to gain any gaming time.


Problem is, Zack has the biggest tournament of his life coming up. The Star Fury tournament is Zack and his team’s chance of going pro and making a name for themselves.


Now, Zack’s swapping women around like the components of his starship; trying to find the balance between love and DaEvo. Good thing Zack’s a pro at gaming.


But some things can’t be quantified.


Like love.


Leveled Up Love! is a Gamelit comedy romance written by Tao Wong, author of the bestselling System Apocalypse LitRPG and A Thousand Li series, and A.G. Marshall, author of the Fairy Tale Adventures series of books.

Release dateApr 8, 2024
Leveled up Love!: A GameLit Romantic Comedy

Tao Wong

Tao Wong is a Canadian author based in Toronto who is best known for his System Apocalypse post-apocalyptic LitRPG series and A Thousand Li, a Chinese xianxia fantasy series. He was shortlisted for the UK Kindle Storyteller award in 2021 for A Thousand Li: The Second Sect. When he's not writing and working, he's practicing martial arts, reading, and dreaming up new worlds.

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