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The Extern: A Jason Rodgers Novel
The Extern: A Jason Rodgers Novel
The Extern: A Jason Rodgers Novel
Audiobook10 hours

The Extern: A Jason Rodgers Novel

Written by David Perry

Narrated by Andy Valvur

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Pharmacy student Jason Rodgers craves a coveted externship at one of the most prestigious sites in all of Virginia. He sits in his beat-up Honda contemplating how his future will change if he can impress the demanding preceptor and land one of the few slots. His interview with Thomas Pettigrew, The Colonial Pharmacy's owner, and the woman he meets there will, in fact, change his future in ways Rodgers never envisioned.

This riveting tale also puts the reader behind the counter into the fast-paced and often-torturous existence of a retail pharmacist. Perry's evocative pharmacy scenes place the reader in the maelstrom and confusion of pharmacy work. The reader also witnesses the profound angst experienced by Rodgers as a result of his first months as a pharmacist.

In this captivating romantic and suspenseful prequel to The Cyclops Conspiracy and The Cyclops Revenge, master storyteller David Perry introduces us to Jason Rodgers thirteen years before the fateful events unveiled in his bestselling and thrilling Cyclops series of novels. Read The Extern and go back in time to see how it all began...

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Release dateOct 29, 2022
The Extern: A Jason Rodgers Novel

David Perry

David Perry has been a pharmacist for nearly thirty years, practicing in the hospital and community setting. He was born in New England and studied pharmacy at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. His first novel THE CYCLOPS CONSPIRACY reached best-seller status shortly after its release and was nominated for a Library of Virginia Literary Award. His second book SECOND CHANCE was released in November 2013. He has just released his fourth novel., THE EXTERN. Perry lives in Virginia and writes about pharmacists and pharmacy. Visit his website at

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