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Wishmaker: Part 1
Wishmaker: Part 1
Wishmaker: Part 1
Audiobook13 hours

Wishmaker: Part 1

Written by Hilary H. White

Narrated by Hilary H. White and Paul Wishard

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

The land of the gods suffers from a supernatural blight resulting in famine, stillbirths, and strife. Instead of beseeching the gods for help, Eirian Frost finds them pleading for hers. The problem is that she’s just learned she possesses an unruly, banned magic that makes her the target of a covetous self-proclaimed prophet—and may turn her allies against her. 

A childhood tantrum resulting in her mother’s death led Eirian to accept that she cannot alter fate. Instead, she has learned to surrender to it. But with the blight, a doomsday cult led by the Prophet gaining power, and banished monsters returning to stalk the night, Eirian realizes the world will soon be uninhabitable if she doesn’t answer the gods’ call and fight back.

Reversing the damage hinges on Eirian and her friends Viryda Thistle and Rowe Cinder recovering the Prism, an artifact that regulates life and death. But the Prism has been hidden for millennia, and the Prophet has a secret power that can wrest from her what little control Eirian has over her magic. If there’s a way to master chaos itself, Eirian must find it or risk having her magic do the Prophet’s work for him.

Release dateNov 24, 2023
Wishmaker: Part 1

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