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Utterly Fuelled
Utterly Fuelled
Utterly Fuelled
Audiobook9 hours

Utterly Fuelled

Written by Pauline Manders

Narrated by A J Deane

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

This is the second audiobook in the Utterly Crime Series, set in rural Suffolk, England. It is 2010. Stray bullets, illegal fuel gangs and a seemingly motiveless murder push three apprentice carpenters into action as old scores are settled around them. Throw a Vespa scooter, a canary yellow car, a mysterious medallion and hints of romance into the mix, and you have another compelling and witty tale from Pauline Manders. The main characters previously encountered in Utterly Explosive return, and DI Clive Merry becomes increasingly established after a macabre find.

The heady events culminate in a blazing Guy Fawkes evening, while all around, the Suffolk countryside is suffused with the colours and sounds of Autumn.

Release dateNov 26, 2019

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