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Rapture: Titan series, Book 1
Rapture: Titan series, Book 1
Rapture: Titan series, Book 1
Audiobook12 hours

Rapture: Titan series, Book 1

Written by Renee Field

Narrated by Keith Cook and Gemma Novak

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Jamie Winters is a scientist who believes in data and lab work and most importantly not mythological creatures come to life. Logic has ruled her world and she doesn’t have time for romance.

Seth Cutter, a Titan Prince, has finished ten years of banishment to the land and is now tasked with keeping his race hidden from prying humans intent on conquering every aspect of the undersea world. He’s used to having his commands followed and doesn’t have time for love, especially when a human scientist has captured one of his own and is out to prove to the world mermaids exist.

When Jamie and Seth’s paths cross both their worlds change forever.

Macho men don’t work for Jamie and she has no time for Seth who claims she’s a Siren but when she drowns and turns into a mermaid, she questions all she’s known. Jamie discovers the magic of the seas and comes to realize the heritage she’s known on land is wrong, but she’s not willing to give up the role science has played in her life.

A plague is racing through the seas, killing Seth’s people. Can Jamie and Seth work together to destroy a Sea Witch out to rule the oceans? Will they overcome their prejudices, recover a stolen relic which is key to saving the undersea kingdom and all the while stop one crazed human scientist from learning the truth about the world under the seas? Dare they give into a love destined to change them and everyone in the seas for eternity? All that’s at stake is an entire race who call the ocean home.

PublisherRenee Field
Release dateFeb 14, 2019
Rapture: Titan series, Book 1

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