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Audiobook16 hours


Written by Deon Meyer

Narrated by Simon Vance

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A Muslim attack in Cape Town? Too far-fetched. It can#8217;t be true. So why is the Presidential Intelligence Agency so desperate to intercept a shipment? Why is the CIA bringing in its big guns? And why, if it#8217;s only a rumor, is it having such violent consequences-on the life of Milla Strachan, a former housewife who just wanted to live a little dangerously; Lemmer, a freelance bodyguard turned reluctant smuggler; and former cop Mat Joubert, who#8217;s working on his first case as a private eye? Before long, the trail of death stretches from the Chizarira to the Cape Waterfront.#160;#160;In his eagerly awaited seventh novel, Meyer moves deftly among a brilliantly rendered cast of characters-farmers, outlaws, gangsters, intelligence agents-and delves deeply into the people, problems, and landscapes of South Africa.
Release dateSep 6, 2011

Deon Meyer

Internasionaal bekende skrywer Deon Meyer woon op Stellenbosch. Sy publikasies sluit in dertien misdaadromans (onder meer Spoor, 2010, 7 Dae, 2011, Kobra, 2013, Ikarus, 2015, Koors, 2016, Prooi, 2018, en Donkerdrif, 2020). Orion, Proteus en Infanta is met die ATKV-prosaprys bekroon en Prooi met die ATKV-prys vir Spanningsfiksie.

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