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Dead Before Dying
Dead Before Dying
Dead Before Dying
Audiobook10 hours

Dead Before Dying

Written by Deon Meyer

Narrated by Simon Vance

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Three men who have nothing in common are found murdered in Cape Town, and the string of vicious killings pushes the city toward panic. Captain Mat Joubert is left scrambling for answers in a case that might be his last chance to prove that his life#8217;s slow spiral will not pull him under.
Release dateJul 31, 2012
Dead Before Dying

Deon Meyer

Internasionaal bekende skrywer Deon Meyer woon op Stellenbosch. Sy publikasies sluit in dertien misdaadromans (onder meer Spoor, 2010, 7 Dae, 2011, Kobra, 2013, Ikarus, 2015, Koors, 2016, Prooi, 2018, en Donkerdrif, 2020). Orion, Proteus en Infanta is met die ATKV-prosaprys bekroon en Prooi met die ATKV-prys vir Spanningsfiksie.

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