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Hit and Run
Hit and Run
Hit and Run
Audiobook1 hour

Hit and Run

Written by John Freeman

Narrated by Peter Berkrot

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A prolific and celebrated poet, critic, editor, and teacher, John Freeman is one of the most recognized and versatile forces behind today’s literary scene. His Everand Original, Hit and Run, represents a departure for him as a writer. A work of autobiographical fiction, it inhabits that space between lived experience and the imagination’s riff on that experience.

It begins when the narrator — a newly married young man named John — witnesses an accident at the ragged end of a night out with friends. A hit-and-run in downtown Sacramento, California: “Bang! A body pinwheeling in the air,” Freeman writes. “Then something which felt like silence but surely wasn’t. Not at three a.m. at that intersection. When the reality reel rethreaded into the projector there was a man splayed out on the center median, a crowd of revelers laughing and teetering….”

The victim does not survive, and that fact — as surreal as it is undeniably real, as horrifying as it is commonplace in its testament to human fragility — becomes a destabilizing crack in John’s world. His sense of safety, home, and his own assumptions about himself are shaken, setting off a series of shock waves in his life that test his marriage, sanity, and what sort of justice is possible for the dead man or for any of us.

As the police try to find the driver responsible and enlist John’s help in the investigation, Hit and Run becomes a page-turning whodunit while taking on age-old and acutely topical human mysteries: how we make sense of the unimaginable and brutally unexpected, and how we manage to heal and find connection even as we’re hunted and haunted by loss and chaos. Perhaps the most personal and revealing work Freeman has ever written, it is also a story of romantic love lost and then — against all odds — found. Above all, it’s an urgent and audacious consideration of what it means to bear witness. Freeman does not shy from that responsibility, whatever the costs and frights, and word by word moves from the self-estrangement common in those made to cope with traumatic events to a kind of homecoming, with all the stakes and intimacy of personal essay and the poetics and possibility of the best literary fiction.

Editor's Note

Propulsive autobiographical fiction…

The titular hit and run that kills a pedestrian on John’s late-night walk home winds up fracturing his life in this engrossing and contemplative story. Freeman’s propulsive work of autobiographical fiction puts everyday horrors of lived experience on a collision course with the mind’s imagined terrors and saviors to trauma. Just like when seeing a real car crash, it’s impossible to turn away.

Release dateApr 10, 2024

John Freeman

John Freeman is a highly experienced professional photographer and the author of several books on photography, including Collins Digital SLR Handbook and Need to Know? Digital SLR Photography. John has a regular column in What Digital Camera? and Digital Camera magazines, and his work can be viewed at his frequent exhibitions and on his website.

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