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The Notes-یاد داشت ها
The Notes-یاد داشت ها
The Notes-یاد داشت ها
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The Notes-یاد داشت ها

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About this ebook

This is four notes from Amir Sarem in Persian that for the first time is publishing in Smashwords.This book is a kind of note that is about the world, life and at the time.This kind of note is a line between the poem and the note. Before this book, four poetry books in Persian and English has published by this author in the Smashwords.

PublisherAmir Sarem
Release dateJan 28, 2017
The Notes-یاد داشت ها

Amir Sarem

HelloI am Amir Sarem . Born in 1978 in Hamedan in Iran. From six years old I'm living in Karaj. I've not gone to university but have studied philosophy, art and literature. Articles on Persian language and culture and a few stories and philosophical essay translations from English to Persian have published of me .I know the Persian, English, Turkish and I am almost familiar with some other languages. Writing poetry from the age of 16 I started, at 21 years old the first book of poetry called Rail published in Persian (publication Rvyj ,1999, Tehran) and second book of poetry called Still Not printed by myself in Persian in 2011, and my third book of poetry by name Of published in 2016, first in Persian and then with my translation has published in English (Smashwords,California,2016) and my last book by name The Notes has published by the Smashwords in 2017.Thanks

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