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A Moment in the Sun
A Moment in the Sun
A Moment in the Sun
Ebook286 pages4 hours

A Moment in the Sun

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About this ebook

Olivia Starr, abandoned at birth, grew up in an orphanage in London. No one wanted her. No one loved her. At sixteen she was kicked from the orphanage onto the streets of London. At the age of twenty, she became a prostitute. Needing to keep food in her stomach and a roof over her head, selling her body was the only option.

Almost meeting her demise one night, she is saved by the one man that would use her services often.


Not wanting to see the woman he loves die, he changes her. Olivia is now a demon of the night, Vampire. Demetiri teachers her how to live, feed and love.

And then he abandons her.

Olivia searches for him to no avail. Giving up after years of looking she decides to live her life. Making a home in Moscow. She befriends a street beggar.


She falls in love with her humanity, her innocence, and her friendship. Making the difficult choice of letting Svetttelana, her new love die or change her into the monster she has learned to live with when Svettelana becomes deathly ill.

Changing her, they live decades, traveling Europe, enjoying each others company and playing with their prey.

Then the invitation comes.

The two are expected to join the coven of Enrico Vitali. Olivia will not give their independence to no man. They run. Jumping a ship to the Americas and settling in Venice, California. Being able to live happily there for many years, living the California life.

Once again, the invitation comes.

This man will not give up on the mission to take away their independence. Once again they run, this time to New York City. This is where they meet Patrick. The love of Svettelana's life. Happily, they make a comfortable life there.

Another invitation arrives.

Olivia is fed up with this man's desire to control her life. Planning on leaving Patrick behind, the two pack to run once again. Patrick will not let them go that easily. If only Demetiri had fought for Olivia's heart, everything would have been different.

The trio travel from place to place for years together. The trio follows a pull in Olivia. No idea where she is meant to be or where she belongs. All she knows is the pull is strong within her.

Finally finding their home. They create a beautiful family. Then he arrives.

Evan Williams.

He glows like the sun and makes Olivia feel things she has buried deep inside. She feels herself falling for him. Fighting this is impossible. It is meant to be.

Then the invitation comes.

Olivia has had enough. This will be the last. The life she has built, the family she finally has will not be torn from her by a sadistic power hungry Vampire. To make sure Olivia does not run this time. Enrico takes Evan, beats and tortures him.

Can Olivia keep her independence? Will she give in to the feelings she has for the man that glows like the sun? Alternatively, will Enrico finally get his way and have Olivia as his own?

Will she finally get her Moment in the Sun?

PublisherBre Meli
Release dateMay 4, 2017
A Moment in the Sun

Bre Meli

I am a mother, grandmother, music lover and word wrangler. Writing has been a dream and passion of mine since I was a young girl. Now that I have grown children, I am finally able to follow that dream. My stories are toned to me. The way I talk, think, love and dream. It is important to me that people understand that the way my books are written is not for perfection but to be real, get you in touch with the characters and how they really are in my head. I want you to read their words as they speak to me. Over editing and making the book with perfect grammar and no human error is boring. We all err and so should our characters. No one is perfect, I want everyone to feel the difference in each character on the pages.

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