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Sex Stories
Sex Stories
Sex Stories
Ebook27 pages17 minutes

Sex Stories

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

This book is for matured readers only. I had enjoyed writing the previous series of “On Job Sex”. I am writing the following short stories in this book as a prelude to another series of sex on the job. By giving this book a good response will greatly encourage me to start the new series. This book consists of 3 short stories that will introduce the readers to 3 new jobs that have a high potential to have a lot of sex on the job.

PublisherKeith King
Release dateJun 16, 2016
Sex Stories

Keith King

Keith likes watching pornographic movies but feels that the movies will be more appealing if there are some story line that lead to the sex scenes.He hopes some movie directors will read his book and use his story to create a script to film more appealing pornographic movies. This will be beneficial to the industry and also to the consumers.Keith had created virtual where he tried to connect the characters from different books.

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