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Winning Through Integrity
Winning Through Integrity
Winning Through Integrity
Audiobook57 minutes

Winning Through Integrity

Written by Cliff Jones

Narrated by Cliff Jones

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Cliff Jones is a spiritual leader who has greatly influenced congregations to live and follow the bible in their business dealings.
PublisherListen USA
Release dateJan 1, 1986
Winning Through Integrity

Cliff Jones

A Central Texas country boy turned miner at age thirty-six, Cliff Jones was inspired to pursue his lifelong passion of becoming an award - winning writer and author. He was introduced to the more complex intricacies of writing as an English major and collegiate athlete through Sam Houston State University. His extensive travels by way of the United States Navy, and ten years as an American trucker traveling the entire continental U.S., including Canada, has given him a broad understanding of cultures and geography . He lives in South East Texas with his wife Brandolyn, and his two sons Praiyer and Addai.

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