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In Dreams of Dragons
In Dreams of Dragons
In Dreams of Dragons
Audiobook4 hours

In Dreams of Dragons

Written by Sonya Lawson

Narrated by Julie Cleburn

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Raised a lady and married to a lord I did not know well, I thought my life would always follow a predictable path. However, when my new husband threw the dragon head on the banquet hall table, the creature's dead eyes somehow staring fiercely into my own, my life changed. I changed.

My days as Lady of Ingar Keep became consumed by my growing need to learn more about the dragons my husband hunted. Along the way, I found unlikely allies and those who attempted to stifle my growing understanding. But they could not stop my dreaming. For when I slept, the lavender eyes of that dragon revealed my past, my present, and a shimmering future I could have-if I fought for it.

My mother always told me there was knowledge in dreaming, but in dreams of dragons, what I learn could free me or rip my world apart.

*Audiobook Cover by Nicole Wells*

Release dateOct 21, 2022

Sonya Lawson

Sonya Lawson is a recovering academic with a PhD in a ridiculously obscure area of English literature. She now writes fantasy (in a wide variety of sub-genres) based on literary texts. While she will always remain a rural Kentuckian at heart, she currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her days are filled with writing, editing, reading, and walking old forests. 

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