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EVOLUTION: Book Two of The Devolution Trilogy
EVOLUTION: Book Two of The Devolution Trilogy
EVOLUTION: Book Two of The Devolution Trilogy
Audiobook9 hours

EVOLUTION: Book Two of The Devolution Trilogy

Written by John Casey

Narrated by Tom Campbell

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Two years have passed since the dramatic conclusion of Operation EXCISE. Michael Dolan has moved home to Boston to mend when once again, the Agency comes knocking. Terrorists have launched a bioweapon in the Middle East, thousands are dying of a horrifying virus with no cure, and Dolan is the key to preventing more attacks. Only this time, everything will be done on his terms....

Fans of Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Identity will appreciate the internecine struggle and cryptic complexity of the series' protagonist, Michael Dolan, as will fans of Tom Clancy's Patriot Games who savor page-turners about an unlikely spy thrust into adversity, only to emerge the strongest and most capable of them all.

“John Casey has accomplished the nearly impossible—to follow up his singular, thrilling, and insightful debut novel with an even more impressive sequel. Evolution’s main protagonist, Michael Dolan, is one of the deepest characters I’ve seen in this type of fiction. As someone who knows more than a little bit about the clandestine world, I found Evolution to be a crisp, hard-hitting and realistic yarn that will leave you wanting more.” —U.S. AMBASSADOR LUIS MORENO assisted in the pursuit of Pablo Escobar and led implementation of Plan Colombia

"Keeps readers tense and wondering...just as, or even more gripping than its prequel...a riveting story that deserves top billing in any thriller or espionage fiction collection." —The MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"Evolution is a complex and multifaceted, chilling story of bioterrorism headlined by a remarkable and courageous protagonist! Five stars." —READERS' FAVORITE

EVOLUTION is book 2 in the Devolution Trilogy, a psychological spy thriller series brilliantly narrated by Tom Campbell. DEVOLUTION and REVELATION are Books 1 and 3.

Release dateJul 15, 2021

John Casey

JOHN CASEY is a novelist and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet from New Hampshire. He is the author of The Devolution Trilogy, a psychological spy thriller series. Casey is also the author of Raw Thoughts: A Mindful Fusion of Poetic and Photographic Art, and Meridian: A Raw Thoughts Book. Raw Thoughts was nominated for the Griffin Poetry Prize and National Book Award. His latest title is Things of Little Consequence, a philosophical book of poetry. Casey co-authored The Barn: A Novella Mystery as well and is currently writing Death Code: A Michael Dolan Spy Thriller. His poetry has been featured internationally in numerous literary journals and magazines. A Veteran combat and test pilot with a Master of Arts from Florida State University, Casey also served in the Defense Intelligence Agency as a Diplomat and International Affairs Strategist at U.S. embassies in Germany and Ethiopia, the Pentagon, and elsewhere. He is passionate about fitness, nature, and the human spirit and inspired by the incredible spectrum of people, places and cultures he has experienced in life.

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