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Totally Devoted
Totally Devoted
Totally Devoted
Audiobook8 hours

Totally Devoted

Written by E.M. Bannock

Narrated by Julianna Solo

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Ten years after the death of her husband and young son, Marie Trousdale decides to move from Los Angeles, California, to a small rural Oregon town and hires Wil Townsend, a local contractor, to build her dream home on property she inherited from her deceased husband. Although they couldn’t be more different in every way possible, they fall in love. Things get complicated when Marie changes occupations. And when she's put in danger, Wil must decide if his love is stronger than the differences that separate him from Marie. Will obstacles, misunderstandings, and danger put out the flames of love or feed it?

PublisherE.M. Bannock
Release dateMay 1, 2019

E.M. Bannock

E.M. Bannock grew up in the Detroit suburbs in the 50’s and 60’s. Her father was a great story teller and E.M. says she inherited his imagination. After graduation, E.M. moved to Los Angeles, California where she met her husband. They have lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming, where she now lives with her small family which includes a spoiled dog and cat, two horses, also spoiled, and a brood of chickens that live like queens in the chicken-coupe-de-ville. She has made her living as an office manager, computer programmer/analysts, project manager, clothing store clerk, substitute teacher, and buffalo meat packer. Throughout it all, she never lost her love for writing. A small inheritance from her father gave her the funds needed to begin her career as a published author. She has published two books. Her first book, Totally Devoted, which is now available in audio, was a 2019 National Excellence in Romance Fiction finalist in two categories; Contemporary Romance 65K Words and Up, and Best First Book. Her second book Zoey’s Place was published in 2019. Out of Dreams, the first book of her Rock Mountain Romance Series is set for publication in early 2021. She writes for the love of it. Most of what she writes touches her personally. Close friends and family can spot the moments. The vivid and detailed location descriptions are usually from her own experiences. Researching for accuracy is part of her writing process. She especially enjoys hearing from and interacting with her readers. E.M. Bannock is a Goodreads Author, a BookHub Author, a member of the Romance Writers of America, and a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer. Web site: Facebook: E.M. Bannock – Author Twitter: @EMBannock Instagram: e_m_bannock

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