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Spider Mountain
Spider Mountain
Spider Mountain
Audiobook13 hours

Spider Mountain

Written by P. T. Deutermann

Narrated by Dick Hill

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Ex-cop Cam Richter agrees to do a favor for a park ranger: investigate the assault of a young woman in a remote area of Appalachia. Since he knows the terrain better than anyone, the victim's family is hoping that Cam can break a case that local cops can't—or maybe don't want to—solve.

Cam has no idea how dangerous his search will become. Because in these parts, Grinny Creigh and her extended clan destroy those who intrude into their web. The Creighs run a smuggling ring, and control just about every thing and one in their neck of the woods. But they also operate a much worse enterprise—one that threatens to harm anyone who comes too close to unleashing the dark secrets of...Spider Mountain

Release dateDec 26, 2006
Spider Mountain

P. T. Deutermann

P.T. DEUTERMANN is the noted author of many previous novels based on his experiences as a senior staff officer in Washington and at sea as a Navy Captain, and later, Commodore. His WWII works include The Last Paladin and Pacific Glory, both of which won the W.Y. Boyd Award for Excellence in Military Fiction, Iwo, 26 Charlie, The Hooligans, The Nugget, Sentinels of Fire, The Commodore, Trial By Fire, and The Iceman. He lives with his wife of 56 years in North Carolina.

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