Money and Prosperity
Money and Prosperity
Money and Prosperity
Audiobook38 minutes

Money and Prosperity

Written by Randy Charach

Narrated by Randy Charach

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About this audiobook

Randy Charach reveals the ‘mindset’ you will need to become more successful and wealthier. This short audio course will encourage clear and positive thinking in order to achieve your life goals and desires. Who Is Randy Charach? The answer is pretty simple…he is one of the worlds most renowned hypnotherapists. Randy Charach has been helping people change their lives for over 20 years! He’s worked with people like John Travolta, Tony Curtis, Sean Penn and hundreds of other people all over the world. As a public speaker and magician, Randy has performed for world renowned companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney, IBM, Xerox and many, many other satisfied clients…But the thing that he loves doing most is helping people achieve the success they deserve through the wonder and power of Self-Hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis has been proved to “magically” remove the negative garbage that clutters your mind- and change the way you think and feel every single day! Imagine how good that would make you feel?! Self-Hypnosis will allow you to control your success in nearly every aspect of your life and it can give you the power to control most things provided you follow his specific instructions. Self-Hypnosis can relieve pain, help you sleep, stop smoking, defeat stress and even raise your confidence. And it can do so much more! You could use Self-Hypnosis to develop fantastic concentration, manage your time more effectively, play better golf and improve your memory. You can even use Self-Hypnosis to advance your career. In fact, you can use self-hypnosis for just about anything your mind can imagine…Randy Charach will help you, guide you and be there for you time after time.

Release dateJan 14, 2012
Money and Prosperity

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