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Smoking Reduction
Smoking Reduction
Smoking Reduction
Audiobook21 minutes

Smoking Reduction

Written by Roy Hunter

Narrated by Roy Hunter

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About this audiobook

This 21-minute self-hypnosis program is designed to help you reduce your smoking, with the ultimate goal of becoming a become a tolerant non-smoker. It is a proven approach, based on almost 25 years of experience. You have the option to smoke occasionally as an alternative choice, and this program teaches you how!
Release dateJan 1, 2008
Smoking Reduction

Roy Hunter

Roy Hunter, MS, Cht, teaches professional hypnosis and advanced techniques for professionals and teaches self hypnosis to groups and clients for personal or professional motivation. He was specially selected to carry on the work of the late Charles Tebbetts. He was awarded a PhD from Alpha University and California University with a major in clinical hypnotherapy.

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