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The Imposter
The Imposter
The Imposter
Audiobook13 hours

The Imposter

Written by Marin Montgomery

Narrated by Jane Oppenheimer

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

From the Amazon bestselling author of What We Forgot to Bury comes a twisted psychological tale of a mother and daughter’s mind-bending descent into the truth.

From the outside looking in, Sibley Sawyer has a perfect life. As a successful attorney, she’s worked hard to get to the top of her game—but when her personal and professional lives implode, Sibley looks for a way to turn the page.

Unable to shake the tragic circumstances that caused her to flee her rural Midwestern hometown, Sibley wants nothing more than to reunite with her estranged mother, Deborah, and bury their past tensions.

But as she reenters the life she left behind, she realizes her mother isn’t the same person she remembers, and she’s not the same daughter either.

As both women struggle to piece together a tangled web of deceit and lies, and the shocking circumstances that caused Sibley to leave in the first place, it becomes clear there are secrets rooted deeper than either mother or daughter could ever have imagined.

Can you really deceive your past and those around you?

Release dateMar 9, 2021
The Imposter

Marin Montgomery

Marin Montgomery grew up in the Midwest but traded cornfields for the desert, and she now calls Arizona home. Originally slated to go to fashion school on the West Coast, Montgomery has always been passionate about writing short stories and poems. After finishing her MBA, she decided to write her first novel at the encouragement of her childhood best friend. When she’s not thinking up her next psychological twist, she can be found playing a mean game of Scrabble, binge-watching a variety of television shows, and hanging with her goldendoodle, Dashiell.

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