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Problem Child
Problem Child
Problem Child
Audiobook8 hours

Problem Child

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

She’s cold, calculating, and can deceive with a smile. Jane Doe is back in the Amazon Charts bestselling series—and this time she’s met her match.

After a brutal childhood, Jane Doe has been permanently wired to look after herself and only herself. Now, looking next to normal, Jane has a lover and a job. But she hasn’t lost her edge. It sharpens when she hears from her estranged family.

Jane’s deeply troubled sixteen-year-old niece, Kayla, has vanished, and no one seems to care. Neither does Jane. Until she sees a picture of Kayla and recognizes herself in the young girl’s eyes. It’s the empty stare of a sociopath.

Jane knows what vengeful and desperate things Kayla is capable of. Only Jane can help her—by being drawn into Kayla’s dark world. And no one’s more aware than Jane just how dangerous that can be.

Release dateMar 24, 2020
Problem Child

Victoria Helen Stone

Victoria Helen Stone is the Amazon Charts bestselling author of Jane Doe and Problem Child in the Jane Doe series; At the Quiet Edge; The Last One Home; Half Past; False Step; and Evelyn, After. She is also the author of twenty-nine books as USA Today bestselling author Victoria Dahl and the recipient of the prestigious American Library Association Reading List award for best genre fiction. Published in more than a dozen languages, Victoria writes in her home office high in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, far from her origins in the flattest plains of Minnesota, Texas, and Oklahoma. She enjoys summer trail hikes in the mountains almost as much as she enjoys staying inside by the fire during winter. Victoria is passionate about dessert, true crime, and her terror of mosquitoes. For more information, visit

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