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Big Bets: How Large-Scale Change Really Happens
Big Bets: How Large-Scale Change Really Happens
Big Bets: How Large-Scale Change Really Happens
Audiobook7 hours

Big Bets: How Large-Scale Change Really Happens

Written by Rajiv Shah

Narrated by Rajiv Shah

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

“Encouraging…Uplifting...Meeting apparently insurmountable goals requires thinking big…this will inspire.” —Publishers Weekly

“Raj Shah has written a practical guide to making the world a better place. He knows what he’s talking about, because he’s done it himself. Anyone who wants to make a change in the world, or their own lives, will benefit from this book.” —Bill Gates, Cochair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Rajiv J. Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation and former administrator of President Barack Obama’s United States Agency for International Development, shares a dynamic new model for creating large scale change, inspired by his own involvements with some of the largest humanitarian projects of our time.

Rajiv J. Shah is no stranger to pulling off the impossible, from helping vaccinate 900 million children at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to a high-pressure race against the clock to stop the spread of Ebola. His secret? A big bets philosophy—the idea that seeking to solve problems rather than make incremental improvements can attract the unlikely partners with the power and know-how to achieve transformational change. Part career sweeping memoir, part inspirational playbook, Big Bets offers a master class in decision-making, leadership, and changing the world one bet at a time.

Shah animates his strategic insights with vivid behind-the-scenes stories, memorable conversations with household names that helped shape his approach to creating change, and his own personal growth as an Indian-American from an immigrant family looking for a way to belong. He distills his battle-tested strategies for creating change, arguing that big bets have a surprising advantage over cautious ones: a bold vision can attract support, collaborations, and fresh ideas from key players who might otherwise be resistant. Throughout the book, Shah traces his unlikely path to the Rockefeller Foundation across a changing world and through some of the most ambitious, dramatic global efforts to create a better world.
Release dateOct 10, 2023

Rajiv Shah

Dr. Rajiv R. Shah is a Clinical Professor with the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas since 2008, and is also the Founder and Program Director for the Systems Engineering and Management (SEM) Program. At UT Dallas he teaches Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Venturing, Technology and New Product Development, as well as Quantitative and Numerical Methods in Finance and Macroeconomics. He specialized in solid state and laser physics, and quantum electronics and non-linear optics, and prior to joining UT Dallas, he spent close to 30 years in industry working in areas that spanned - lasers, semiconductors, computers, and wireless, optical and internet communications. He co-founded and is a Managing Partner at Timmaron Capital Advisors, a firm that provides advisory services to CEOs, BoDs, and PE firms. He also founded The indusLotus Group and provided high-level consulting to private equity firms and others on Wall Street. He worked on a $50 B telecom deal in 2007. He has been an advisor to Cerberus Capital LP, Pioneer Natural Resources, Ericsson Inc., Commscope Inc., Goldman Sachs Vantage Marketplace LLC, Nomura Securities’ Private Equity Arm, a Council Member on the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), a number of other Private Equity and Hedge Funds, as well as three separate engagements with McKinsey & Co. He has also worked as an evaluator and mentor with the Texas Emerging Technology Fund and STARTech, reviewing business plans and mentoring founders and CEOs. Dr. Shah has served as CTO of Alcatel North America, and was VP of Research & Innovation and Network Strategy at Alcatel for four years. Prior to that he held senior management positions at MCI Worldcom over a five year period, and was involved in half-a-dozen corporate-level M&A due diligence activities. Before that he worked for Texas Instruments for seventeen years in various capacities, including R&D, manufacturing, business start-up, and business strategy and business development. He served for two years on the faculty of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) as Dr. Chaim Weizmann Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. He has an M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University, specializing in Applied Physics, an Executive MBA from Southern Methodist University, and a B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics from Ferguson College, University of Pune, India, where he was the recipient of the National Science Talent Search Fellowship from the Government of India. Early in his career he published over fifty papers in peer reviewed journals, such as those of the American Physical Society (APS) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and others, and had over twenty-five US and international patents issued to him.

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