Steal Away
Steal Away
Steal Away
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Steal Away

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"David, something awful has happened to your mother and father," said the stranger in the van. "You're in great danger. You've got to come with us..."

Nine-year-old David Stark has been snatched off the street in broad daylight. With no apparent motive. No witnesses. And only one clue-his shiny red bicycle, lying on the side of the road. Rachel and Stephen Stark are already uneasy partners in a troubled marriage. Now they grow further apart, and Rachel must summon all her strength and courage, every ounce of rage and terror and anguish, into the desperate search for David.

Katharine Clark has written a gripping novel of a family in crisis and created a plot that twists and turns at a breathless pace until its unforgettable conclusion.
Release dateJul 11, 2008
Steal Away

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