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Before You Leap
Before You Leap
Before You Leap
Audiobook44 minutes

Before You Leap

Written by John Lutz

Narrated by Jerry Ohrbach

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

St. Louis PI Nudger is called to help stop a man from jumping to his death. The man has asked for Nudger by name, and when Nudger fails to save him, he feels responsible for the death and tries to find out what was behind the suicide. He turns up a fellow detective who leads him on a trail of greed and blackmail.
Release dateJan 1, 2009
Before You Leap

John Lutz

A multiple Edgar and Shamus Award winner — including the Shamus Lifetime Achievement Award — JOHN LUTZ is the author of over forty books. His novel SWF Seeks Same was made into the hit movie Single White Female, and The Ex was a critically acclaimed HBO feature. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and Sarasota, Florida. Please visit his website,

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