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Mammon Grimoire- Prosperity Spells Unveiled
Mammon Grimoire- Prosperity Spells Unveiled
Mammon Grimoire- Prosperity Spells Unveiled
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Mammon Grimoire- Prosperity Spells Unveiled

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About this ebook

Mammon grimoire.
Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the internet for a 'pact with Mammon,' invest in this book.
It contains 100 pages of spells and rituals for abundance. The authentic pact with Mammon, incorporating Mammon's invocations, incrementally.
The book also includes a chapter dedicated to financial education, entrepreneurship tips, the application of the law of attraction, NLP techniques, and strategies to transform your mindset for success. You will also find inspiring affirmations about abundance.
Rituals for prosperity, career progression, attracting customers to your business, increasing your capital, and consecrating Mammon rings and amulets.
The book looks at the different sigils of Mammon and explains how they are official and unofficial. It also looks at the relationship between the Illuminati and the energy of money and how it is connected to Mammon.
Spell for success in the arts or for digital influencers.
How to properly consecrate the altar and the Mammon statuette, and what is the best cardinal point to invoke Mammon and direct the altar.
This unique book contains original material written by Asamod, which is not "more of the same" and is different from others on the topic (there are few).
Several images with detailed explanations are included in the book, which is not a theoretical book but a practical one.

Release dateOct 31, 2023
Mammon Grimoire- Prosperity Spells Unveiled
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Asamod ka

Occult books, Santeria, Quimbanda, Santa Muerte mexican magick, Luciferianism, Palo Mayombe, Egyptian magick.

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