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Obscure Dimensions and Magickal Systems
Obscure Dimensions and Magickal Systems
Obscure Dimensions and Magickal Systems
Ebook202 pages2 hours

Obscure Dimensions and Magickal Systems

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About this ebook

True Luciferianism and rituals of commitment to Lucifer (no selling of souls, no sacrifices), true rituals with Sumerian, Egyptian, and African deities (Goetia without misrepresentations or small talk).
Invoking and evoking the deities by their real names and vibrations, varied spells. Philosophical-spiritual reflections and quotations. Approach to different magickal systems, exclusive and spiritually channeled information.
Images (pantacles and sigils) of the various deities, correspondence and ritual utensils for the altar, work with deities such as: Astoreth, Sobek, Amon, Sekhmet, Damballa, Elegba, Lucifer, Lilitu, Heka, Kali, Lamashtu, Mamitu, Tiamat. The Daimones are not the infernal demons of the Judeo-Christian Goetia; do not be deceived anymore.
Spells against enemies, spells for love, spiritual power, scrying, psychic defense, a list of candles and herbs for various purposes. Four Principles of Magick, and much more!

Release dateMar 9, 2022
Obscure Dimensions and Magickal Systems
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Asamod ka

Occult books, Santeria, Quimbanda, Santa Muerte mexican magick, Luciferianism, Palo Mayombe, Egyptian magick.

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