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Magickal Formulary- 620 Spells
Magickal Formulary- 620 Spells
Magickal Formulary- 620 Spells
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Magickal Formulary- 620 Spells

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About this ebook

Discover a vast world of magick within this 456-page compendium. Explore 620 spells, categorized into: binding, money, health, love, protection, and psychic defense. Drawing from Wicca, Candomblé, Gypsy magic, Voodoo, Santeria, Luciferianism, Egyptian magick, exorcisms, prayers, and more, this formulary is your gateway to a tapestry of mystical traditions. Unleash the power to transform your life. This book stands as a comprehensive guide, the result of extensive research, offering a curated collection of the most potent and effective spells.

Release dateMar 7, 2022
Magickal Formulary- 620 Spells
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Asamod ka

Occult books, Santeria, Quimbanda, Santa Muerte mexican magick, Luciferianism, Palo Mayombe, Egyptian magick.

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