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Vrajitoare - Gypsy Magick
Vrajitoare - Gypsy Magick
Vrajitoare - Gypsy Magick
Ebook210 pages1 hour

Vrajitoare - Gypsy Magick

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About this ebook

100% Romani gypsy spells, over 160 spells on 161 pages. Groups of gypsy spirits and how to invoke them according to the purpose: love, money, protection, clairvoyance. offerings.

160 real gypsy spells for love, protection, defense against witchcraft, sex, scrying, work, health, well-being.

Gypsy amulets and gypsy astrology (signs), two methods of divination (dukkering).

How to prepare a gypsy magic altar.

Release dateMar 16, 2022
Vrajitoare - Gypsy Magick
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Asamod ka

Occult books, Santeria, Quimbanda, Santa Muerte mexican magick, Luciferianism, Palo Mayombe, Egyptian magick.

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