Binding and Dominance Spells
Binding and Dominance Spells
Binding and Dominance Spells
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Binding and Dominance Spells

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The objective of this work is to gather only binding spells, I put popular binding spells (from Afro-Brazilian magick), some from voodoo, gypsy magick and others from Egyptian magick.
Quimbanda rituals (with Maria Padilha, Pombagira, Maria Quitéria, Eshú, etc.) the most effective, Santería bindings.
There are 100 powerful spells over 106 pages.
Voodoo binding rituals, from Santería.
Ritual of Pombagira of Souls, Maria Mulbambo, Eshú Veludo, Eshú-Quebra-galho and more entities from Quimbanda.
Egyptian and Gypsy bindings, prayers of dominion.
The book also includes a chapter with questions and answers for the reader's clarification, as well as spiritual cleansing spells and undoing bindings if needed.

Release dateMar 7, 2022
Binding and Dominance Spells
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Asamod ka

Occult books, Santeria, Quimbanda, Santa Muerte mexican magick, Luciferianism, Palo Mayombe, Egyptian magick.

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