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Looking for the Light: Hindsight Is 2020
Looking for the Light: Hindsight Is 2020
Looking for the Light: Hindsight Is 2020
Ebook225 pages58 minutes

Looking for the Light: Hindsight Is 2020

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About this ebook

A New Yorker by birth and by choice, Elise Skidmore lives on the south shore of Long Island with her husband of 45 years. While she misses her two grown children, she is quite proud of their success and independence.

She has been a writer since childhood, with poetry being her focus for many years. It is her way of working through dark times and celebrating the good times. Looking for the Light—Hindsight is 2020 is her fourth volume of poetry. Two of her earlier anthologies were finalists for Epic eBook Awards. She's also an amateur photographer. All her poetry books contain her original photography in addition to the vivid tapestry of her words. And while one may summarize Elise in any number of wonderful descriptors, chief among them must always be writer.

What others have said about Elise Skidmore's work:

I've read POEMS FROM THE EDGE OF SPRING, and can highly recommend it! The sort of book you can pick up for a moment's respite or inspiration or just sit and read from piece to piece, always entertained/comforted/made to think. Lovely book!
--Diana Gabaldon, NYT bestselling author of the OUTLANDER series

Poignant and lyrical, every sentence is a gem.
--Karen White, NYT bestselling author of The Tradd Street series

Warm and accessible, Ms. Skidmore's poetry shines. Her love of the simple things, of home and family, evokes memories and feelings common to us all, and her sure hand strokes the iron string that runs through every heart. Kudos.
--Dale Cramer, award winning author of KISS OF THE JEWEL BIRD

If you love poetry, WHEN LEAVES FALL will fill a new corner of your heart. If you think you don't like poetry, its achingly simple beauty will prove you wrong.
--Linda Grimes, author of Tor Books' Ciel Halligan series

Release dateMar 15, 2021
Looking for the Light: Hindsight Is 2020

Elise Skidmore

Elise Skidmore is a native New Yorker, who has been writing poetry since she was a child. In 1994, when her husband and several of her friends were trying to get her interested in email and switching from a typewriter to a computer, she stumbled upon Compuserve’s Literary forum (Today it’s called the Books and Writers Community). There she met a bunch of wonderful people, including her favorite author, Diana Gabaldon, who helped broaden her horizons and delve into fiction writing as well as poetry. She eventually joined the staff, spending nearly 10 years as the section leader of the Writing Exercises and in Compuserve’s Poetry Forum. In 2004, when Compuserve opened to the web, she and a friend started a private writers’ forum called SectionSixx, which nurtured writers for more than 10 years.Elise lives on Long Island with her husband of 40+ years and feels blessed to have had the best parents, husband, and children a woman could ask for. The strong bonds of family are often the subject of her writing, but there aren’t many topics she’s afraid to tackle, including stories of vampires, devil possession, WWII POW camps, and gunslingers in the old west.Her hobbies include reading, photography, travel, and making people smile.

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