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Departure / Odlazak: Croatian Made Easy
Departure / Odlazak: Croatian Made Easy
Departure / Odlazak: Croatian Made Easy
Ebook91 pages58 minutes

Departure / Odlazak: Croatian Made Easy

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About this ebook

Departure / Odlazak (2. Edition) - from the series 'Croatian Made Easy' is a reader for learners of the Croatian language. It is a mini novel with English introduction and vocabulary list at the end of the book.

Level 3: Advanced B1 (GERS) = Intermediate Mid/High (ACTFL)


Sandra works as a Croatian translator and has been a friend of Vjeko since childhood. They both live in Ljubljana but originally come from Zagreb. One day , Vjeko meets Sandra on the bus terminal before departure to Zagreb and tells her about his night visitor who predicted him a fateful journey to Zagreb. An exciting story about friendship and love.

This reading book is part of the book series CROATIAN MADE EASY which offers textbooks, reading books, audio books, interactive e-books with audio, videos and other media as well as useful tips for learning Croatian as a foreign language. For more information about the book series and other publications on learning Croatian, please visit our homepage.

PublisherAna Bilic
Release dateMar 17, 2019
Departure / Odlazak: Croatian Made Easy

Ana Bilic

ANA BILIC - I am a literary and theater writer, filmmaker and theater director, linguist. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, since 1995 I live and work in Vienna, Austria. My literary work includes novels, short stories and poems and my texts are also represented in numerous literary anthologies. I started writing literature in Croatian in the 1990s, but for more than twenty years I have been writing only in German. My books have been published by such publishing houses as Hoffmann und Campe Verlag Hamburg, Konzor Verlag Zagreb and Hollitzer Verlag Vienna. As a linguist, I am the author of works for learning Croatian as a foreign language: CROATIAN MADE EASY - - as well as KROATISCH LEICHT - On these websites you can learn more about my published textbooks and reading books, mini-novels, e-books, audiobooks, interactive e-books and other media.  More information about all my work - not only about literature and linguistics, but also about film and theater - can be found on

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