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The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
Ebook107 pages58 minutes

The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy

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About this ebook

The Stranger / Neznanac - from the series 'Croatian Made Easy' is a reader for learners of the Croatian language. It is a mini novel with English introduction and vocabulary list at the end of the book.


Level 2: Intermediate A2 (GERS) = Intermediate Low (ACTFL)



Veronika, a young woman from Zagreb, unconditionally wants to change her life: Despite her university degree, she works as a low-paid waitress and lives apart from her fiancé who has emigrated to Canada. She is beginning to lose hope of getting a visa to move to Canada. One day, under unusual circumstances, she meets a stranger on the bus who later seems to follow her at every turn. Finally, he offers Veronika to realize her dream but on one extraordinary condition. A story full of surprises.


This reading book is part of the book series CROATIAN MADE EASY which offers textbooks, reading books, audio books, interactive e-books with audio, videos and other media as well as useful tips for learning Croatian as a foreign language. For more information about the book series and other publications on learning Croatian, please visit our homepage.

PublisherAna Bilic
Release dateJul 1, 2018
The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
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Ana Bilic

I was born in 1962 in Zagreb, Croatia and have been living in Vienna, Austria since 1995. I am a full-time author in literature and a playwright: my first publications I made in 1995. Thus I started my artistic career as author and have been shooting short films in the meantime as well. I consider these art styles – literature, theater, films – as possibilities of expression, whereby I can give shape to my oeuvre. Even the field of didactics, which by definition is not artistic, I consider as a platform of unique ideas that is only in the background defined by the requirements of lege artis. If you wish to learn more about me and my oeuvres, please refer to Thank you for your visit.

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