The Overlooked Expert: 10th Anniversary Edition
The Overlooked Expert: 10th Anniversary Edition
The Overlooked Expert: 10th Anniversary Edition
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The Overlooked Expert: 10th Anniversary Edition

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About this ebook

The Overlooked Expert is the person who has been passed over, let go or ignored, but is the lifeblood of the organization. Author Sarah Gerdes profiles 24 individuals who earned thousands of dollars using no more than their experience, knowledge and know-how.

Intelligence, drive and persistence; the common attributes of every person profiled in this book, including Gerdes herself. When she left the safety of a corporate job, she wasn't an expert or equipped with multiple degrees. She was a twenty-seven-year-old single mother who turned her knowledge into an internationally recognized and highly profitable consulting firm. Within a year, she was featured in Fortune Magazine, invited to speak at Harvard, hired by F50 firms and two foreign governments. By year two, her client list had expanded as had her position in the industry, where she was recognized for creating the consulting niche of outsourced partner development.

In addition to learning how to assess your skills, the market opportunity, competition, and establishing pricing for your services, you will also find:  

- Over 100 consulting vocations listed with descriptions

- Step-by-step lists to generate demand for your services

- How to organize and hold events to spread the word

- Hire and keep good talent 

- Pitch and negotiate fair deals with clients

- Leverage your services to products

- Recognize downturns patterns

The Overlooked Expert has helped individuals prepare for the worst but also realize future dreams of retirement, trips and savings through extra income. Other did it, on their own. So can you.

Release dateDec 13, 2017
The Overlooked Expert: 10th Anniversary Edition
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Sarah Gerdes

Before she began writing novels, Sarah Gerdes established herself as an internationally recognized expert in the areas of business management and consulting. Her 19 fiction and non-fiction books have been published in over 100 countries, and four languages. She lives with her family in Northern Idaho among a menagerie of farm animals.

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