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Rymellan 3: The Triad
Rymellan 3: The Triad
Rymellan 3: The Triad
Ebook378 pages4 hours

Rymellan 3: The Triad

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Lesley and Mo’s relationship is tested when Mo develops feelings for Jayne and the arrangement the triad struck in Rymellan 2 comes to an end. The three women know they must adapt to the inevitable changes for the triad to thrive, but the triad’s shifting dynamics would challenge the strongest of Rymellans--and does.

Rymellan 3 contains the following stories: No Going Back, Crossroads, Convergence, Chosens, and Joined.

Release dateApr 5, 2012
Rymellan 3: The Triad

Sarah Ettritch

Sarah Ettritch writes science fiction, fantasy, and mystery stories featuring female main characters. She’s a certified story junkie who spends more time than she should making stuff up, reading, watching stories on Netflix, and pretending to be other people in role-playing games. Sarah lives in Toronto, Canada. To find out more about her, visit

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